The AASUSen Production Group

The quality Film Making; Film Production

Mega Star Cast

Rising Sun



These are all strong pillars where AASUSen Film stands strong and still. Its been just a short time AASUSen is growing faster and stronger to the limit that it has capacity to be known worldwide.

AASUSen Production Pvt. Ltd. is a Nepali Motion Picture Production and Distribution Company, based in Kathmandu is a part of Nepali Film Industry. Mr. Santosh Sen is the founder of this company which was founded on 2014.

In 2015 ChankheShankhePankhe, first release of AASUSen directed by Mr. SudarshanThapa, produced by Mr. Santosh Sen was most loved movie of 2015 from every aspect. The story telling and making was appreciated by audiences. It was also released internationally in countries like Dubai and Bahrain and soon releasing in countries like US, Qatar, Korea, UK and Australia.

Once more with more quality and class, AASUSen Production Group released its next movie PremGeet on 12th Feb 2015. It was also one of the most loved movie of 2015. Not only that the sequel of this movie; PremGeet 2 was also very successful with no doubt.

Growing, Stronger, bigger and higher AASUSen film will make its journey to bring the class and quality to movie; that will be loved by audience.

About Santosh Sen

Diamond cuts Diamond (Self-made man).

Director/Producer, Santosh Sen is newly born star producer among Nepali film makers. Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe – his first film was a box office hit and too much loved among Nepali and even in abroad, it was successful to impress audience. He is reflected a fresh and modern outlook to Nepali movie with a lot of quality in movie making.

He is self-made man and is identified as a package of boldness and smartness; he bears a good and healthy relation with Nepali film making. To make most expensive movie till 2015 reflects his dedication and love to Nepali film industry and film making. He will soon take Nepali Film Industry to next level, if that level of awesomeness where every Nepali will feel proud to watch Nepali movies. His movies doesn’t compromise in making, quality and class that makes him a star producer. His movie making is what makes him famous in movie in media field.

Reason of his success is his hard working, dedication and passion to movie making, that will lead him to peak of success. His second movie – Prem Geet, heart throbbing love story; was also super hit which lead him to make the sequel of Prem Geet; Prem Geet 2 which also was without any surprise loved by everyone and got a big success.